About us

The Lucchesi nel Mondo Association was founded on 11th September 1968.

From the outset, contacts with the many compatriots abroad have always been frequent and intense. Visits to the more numerous communities and arrangements to welcome those who return to visit their families were the prime objectives of the nascent association; these have been constantly pursued over the years.

There are currently about 85 Luccan Associations or members of the Lucchesi nel Mondo Association, scattered throughout every continent, with over 8.000 registered families.

Lucca central headquarters guarantee their support to member circles in realizing various activities connected with Luccan and Tuscan culture and to spreading the traditions of our city. Another important aim of the Association is to guarantee accurate information through the publication of a quarterly “Lucchesi nel Mondo” news-sheet (supplied free to subscribers) which is forwarded to over 8.000 member families throughout the world.

Initiatives promoted in the Lucca district by the Lucchesi nel Mondo Association, addressed mainly to compatriots resident abroad, are concentrated during the summer months and in September, a period when there is a steady return of emigrants to assist at the most important local festivities.

Every year, on 13 September, the Annual General Meeting is held in the presence of leading local authorities, at the end of which delegations from the various circles take part – with their ensigns – in the traditional Holy Cross Procession, in which they pay homage to the Holy Face (Volto Santo), a simulacrum of faith around which the city gathers each year.

The realization of this broad range of activities is possible thanks to the continuous support of the local Authorities, banking foundations and banks operating in the Lucchesia and the precious financial aid of members.

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